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🎧 Dairy of an Young Artist in Love is not just an audiobook but a piece of exclusive art. It's a blend of heartfelt poetry, intimate thoughts, desire of oneness and unheard emotions.

🎧 Originally Inspired by the work of diarist Anaïs Nin. It offers a unique approach towards the feeling of loving someone.

🎧 On a personal note the audiobook feels like an honest one to one conversation with the listener not like a narration of a story, which in turns provides a room to your perspectives and thoughts.

🎧 I personally loved the concept of using a soft and gentle speech of tone, which made my experience a relaxed one rather than focuses which most of the audiobook does.

🎧 Since audiobooks are the new trend nowadays, why not give it a try. Exploring can do wonders for you. You may never know when you might find a gem.

Available on Audible and Amazon

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