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This was beautiful, poetry and music... name a better combination 🥹

🎶 “Diary of an Artist in Love” is a unique audiobook offering a meditative journey through love using prose poetry and Solfeggio frequencies. Inspired by Anaïs Nin’s confessional style, it creates intimate, one-on-one experiences designed for listeners to close their eyes and find serenity in a world of beautiful sounds and emotions. 🎶

First of all this is an audiobook that you can ABSOLUTELY NOT listen to at 2x speed or any faster speed. It needs to be listened at 1x, nothing more nothing less. The words, the music.. everything
just flows together beautifully

You have to be in the mood for it, at first I did find it a bit cringe but then I tried again later and I had to wrestle myself to take the headphones off.

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Available on Audible and Amazon

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